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Jul. 24, 2020

Challenges In Finding Financial News Sanity

Timestamps [2:07] - Challenges In Finding Financial News Sanity [7:06] - The Potential Costs Of Too Much Government Spending [10:22]…

Jul. 20, 2020

When Too Much Optimism Become Delusion

Timestamps [4:33] - When Does Too Much Optimism Become Delusion? [8:59] - Anticipating Unanticipated Taxes [13:27] - Sources Of Lifetime…

Jul. 2, 2020

Professional Compatibility And The Unquiet Mind

Timestamps [1:15] - Are The Market And The Economy Inextricably Linked? [8:10] - Trying To Find The High Note Amongst…

Jun. 19, 2020

Special Father's Day Edition!

Timestamps [0:53] - Money Lessons From Dad And Other Fatherly Advice [3:05] - The Unnecessary Path Of Learning Through Cruel…

Feb. 28, 2020

Can We Count on Social Security Employees to Make Our Claiming Strategy?

Laurence Kotlikoff is a Boston University Economics professor who’s also known as something of an authority on Social Security. He…

Aug. 5, 2019

Three Strategies to Reduces Taxes

On this week's podcast episode, we're digging into three powerful tax strategies you can use to reduce your tax obligation…


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