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It's our responsibility to evaluate and assess your financial situation and only make recommendations that are in your best interest, and we do so with integrity and transparency. Our experienced professionals are not just knowledgeable about finances, we also understand the importance of priorities, family and confidence in your financial future.


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The Retirement Solutions Show

The Retirement Solutions Show was developed to help listeners prepare for a successful retirement and protect the savings they worked hard to earn. Join Ralph and David Hicks during the week as they guide you throughout your journey to — and through — retirement.

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Working with Friends and Neighbors
Since 1970

Since 1970, Oakmont Advisory Group has been working with friends and neighbors throughout the greater Albuquerque area to help them work toward their financial goals through the use of insurance and investment products. Contact us at or call us at 505-821-6966 to schedule a time to discuss your financial situation and the potential role of insurance or investments in your financial strategy.

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