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March 18, 2023

Maximize Your Retirement Investing with Time in the Market: Albuquerque’s Oakmont Advisory Group Explains Why
Alli Thomas

When it comes to retirement investing in Albuquerque, the phrase “time in the market, not timing the market” is a popular adage for a reason. Trying to time the market is a risky strategy that can lead to missed opportunities and significant losses. Instead, focusing on the long-term and staying invested can help you achieve your retirement goals. In this article, Albuquerque’s leading fiduciary financial advisory firm, Oakmont Advisory Group, explores why time in the market is key and how to apply this strategy to your retirement investing.

Understanding Time in the Market

Time in the market refers to the amount of time an investor holds their investments. It is a long-term investment strategy that involves staying invested in the market over an extended period, regardless of short-term market fluctuations. The goal of time in the market is to benefit from the long-term growth potential of the market, a concept well-understood by Albuquerque’s Oakmont Advisory Group.

The Importance of Time in the Market for Retirement Investing

Retirement investing is a long-term goal that requires a disciplined approach to achieve. Trying to time the market can lead to missed opportunities and significant losses. On the other hand, staying invested over the long-term can help Albuquerque residents achieve their retirement goals by allowing their investments to benefit from the market’s growth potential.

Another reason why time in the market is important for retirement investing is the power of compounding. Compounding is the process of earning interest on interest, and it can have a significant impact on your retirement savings. The longer you stay invested in the market, the more time your investments have to compound, which can help you build wealth over time.

An Example of Compound Interest

Imagine you invest $10,000 in an account with a 5% annual interest rate. After the first year, you earn $500 in interest (5% of $10,000), resulting in a balance of $10,500. In the second year, you earn $525 in interest (5% of $10,500), increasing your balance to $11,025. The interest you earn in the second year is higher than the first because you’re earning interest on both the initial investment and previous interest earned.

If you leave your $10,000 investment to compound at a 5% annual interest rate for 20 years, your balance would grow to $26,533, without any additional contributions. The longer you allow your investment to compound, the more significant your wealth growth becomes.

Applying Time in the Market to Your Retirement Investing in Albuquerque

Applying time in the market to your retirement investing involves creating a diversified investment portfolio and staying invested for the long-term. A diversified portfolio can help you manage risk and protect your retirement savings from market volatility.

Staying invested for the long-term also means resisting the urge to make emotional decisions based on short-term market fluctuations. Instead, focus on your long-term retirement goals and the time horizon you have to achieve them. This strategy can help you weather market downturns and benefit from the market’s growth potential over the long-term.

At Albuquerque’s Oakmont Advisory Group, our team of fiduciary financial advisors believes in a holistic approach to retirement planning that includes creating a personalized investment strategy based on your unique financial situation and goals. We can help you create a diversified investment portfolio that is tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon. Furthermore, we provide ongoing guidance and support to help you stay on track with your retirement goals. Contact us today to start planning for your financial future.

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