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New Investment Committee Forms at Oakmont

David Hicks

While the past year and a half has been challenging in many aspects, it has also opened the door to new opportunities.

We are excited to announce we are adding some new members to the team and have recently formed the Oakmont Investment Committee.

Specifically, we will be working together with Derek Prusa, CFA, CFP®, and Benjamin Webster, CFP®, to streamline more cost-effective investment solutions for our clients.

Our overarching is goal is to provide clients with a plan to reach their financial goals, which includes professional and emotion-free portfolio management. Working directly with Derek and Ben, we are able to manage portfolios that specifically meet our client needs while reducing overall costs.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked closely with Derek and Benjamin, as they were both key employees at FormulaFolios. In addition, during my tenure as an Advisory Board member at FormulaFolios, I witnessed Derek and Benjamin’s skill set, knowledge, and passion for proper financial planning first-hand.

Derek was in charge of managing over $3.8 billion in portfolio assets and Benjamin lead a robust financial planning team that has helped thousands of retirees plan for a sound retirement.

To learn more about the Oakmont Investment Committee, click here.

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