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Retirement is calling

Financial Lessons Learned From Our Fathers

By the Retirement Solutions Show

In this episode, we celebrate Father’s Day by sharing some of the financial wisdom we learned from our dads. We also share some advice for the working fathers who are in need of some financial guidance.

Then, we have a conversation about common retirement fears and how to overcome them, as well as how to transition from saving money to generating income in retirement.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • [1:21] Financial advice learned from our fathers
  • [7:23] Common retirement fears and how to overcome them
  • [17:10] How to generate retirement income from your nest egg
  • [23:28] Signs that it’s time to retire
  • [25:00] Building a financial plan that gives you permission to spend money in retirement
  • [29:38] How much money you should have in the market based on your age
  • [35:17] How to prepare and pay for future medical expenses in retirement
  • [41:32] How often you should pay attention to the stock market
  • [46:52] When too much good news about the economy is bad for our 401(k)


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