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How Sequence Risk Impacts Your Retirement Savings

By the Retirement Solutions Show

On this week’s episode of the Retirement Solutions Show, Ralph Hicks, David Hicks, Michael Hicks, and Ryan Gilmore share their insights on how to manage sequence risk in retirement.

For months, news headlines have been roaring about the fear of an oncoming recession. But the truth of the matter is, nobody knows when the next recession might hit.

Sequence risk, or the order in which your investment returns occur, can change everything for you. Just as the stock market is out of our control, so is the sequence of returns that our retirement money is exposed to.

The team at Oakmont shares tips for how to manage sequence risk, including:

  • Who is affected by sequence risk, when your retirement money is at risk, and why sequence risk can have a positive or negative impact on your retirement
  • Why simply plugging an average rate of return into an online retirement calculator could ruin your retirement success
  • How focusing on minimizing losses could jeopardize your retirement
  • Specific strategies and steps you can take today to protect your money

Additional Resources

The chart below illustrates a hypothetical example of how sequence of returns can positively or negatively impact your retirement.

In the illustration, two couples have the same retirement savings, achieve the same average rate of return over a time period, and retire at the same age. The only difference is the sequence in which their returns occur. In this scenario, the returns are reversed. This change causes one couple to run out of money within 13 years, while the other retains nearly $1 million at the end of their retirement.

sequence risk example retirement

Source: The New Reality in Our Retirement, Retirement Wealth Academy

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