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Year-End Tasks and December 2019 Market Update

David Hicks

In this webinar, Oakmont Advisory Group’s David Hicks and Ryan Gilmore review the stock market’s performance in the month of December, preview key influences on the market in 2020, and identify key year-end financial tasks.

Click below to watch the replay or view the slides.


Webinar Timestamps

[00:35] Agenda & Sock Drive Update

[01:45] San Francisco Fed President, Mary Daly on the possibility of a recession

2019 Market Overview

[03:35] 2019 Market Overview

[05:30] Key Recession Indicators

[06:04] Current S&P 500 Bull & Bear Indicators

[06:25] Current AGG Bull & Bear Indicators

Things to Watch in 2020

[06:32] US/China Trade Talks

[07:36] Democratic Primaries and the General Election

Year-End Items

[09:20]  Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

[10:10] Qualified Charitable Distributions

[11:20] Roth IRA Conversions

[11:53] 2019 401(k) Contributions

[13:10] Review your monthly/annual budget

Have Questions?

[13:43] How to contact Oakmont

Click here to download your Year-End Financial Checklist


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